Automated tests are some kind of an “invisible guardian” that is not only great, but also boost your confidence as a developer. When well written, it gives you the freedom to make any changes in your code without fear. You can add features without breaking anything. I remember this one time project where we made […]

It’s all about how the team interacts together and not about superstars. Last week, researchers Julia Rozovsky and Abeer Dubey from Google’s People Analytics presented their study about effective teams. They learned that there are five keys that set successful teams apart from the others. Even though each trait are merely important, the most effective […]

After the recent F8 conference, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this new emerging trend: chatbots. What is it and why you should care? You can think of a chatbot as your digital helper, bringing a whole new interacting way to engage with people and businesses. Conversations will be instant, proactive and mostly personal. […]

Last Tuesday, 2nd and 3rd year students specializing in computing science at the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches were entitled to a training session in agreement with Nexapp. The theme of this training session was principally focused on the best software development practices. More than about twenty participants attented this training. In order to complete their DEC, the 3rd […]

Have you heard about the Google’s Project Ara? This is a smartphone that is entirely modular. Your components can be hand-picked by yourself depending on your requirements and preferences. A battery that lasts longer, a better processor or more memory, you may assemble it as you please. But what seems to be even more amazing […]