Your next smartphone for $50?

Have you heard about the Google’s Project Ara? This is a smartphone that is entirely modular. Your components can be hand-picked by yourself depending on your requirements and preferences. A battery that lasts longer, a better processor or more memory, you may assemble it as you please. But what seems to be even more amazing is that you can change these components in real time, on the fly.

With the prototype launched last summer, the project takes a second step towards its official launch. Google claims that the launching date would be on January 2015 and that the basic phone would be available for as little as $50.

The vision behind the project

The technological giant has calculated that there are approximately 5 billion people without phones at the moment. The purpose of this project therefore is that a maximum number of people will have access to a convenient and user-friendly phone. People can then make their own decisions to help them build their phone both at the level of components and at the level of their budget.

Paul Eremenko; the mastermind of the Project Ara, raised the following question:

Why choose a phone for its camera, when you could choose a camera for your phone?

The vision extends far beyond the concept of flexibility in components; in fact it will open an entirely new market for the smallest manufacturers. Indeed, Google wishes to create an open hardware ecosystemwhere manufacturers do not need to have any license to create components. This approach is inclined to a drastic increase in the number of developers involved in this ecosystem. It thus promotes a faster revolutionary innovation on the market.

What happens next?

Most of Google projects are said to be free, or either opened for the community to reach out for it and suggest its modifications. The advantage in this technique is that it allows to benefit from the public’s creativity and put it to good use. Two heads are evidently better than one, hence imagine thousands! With this philosophy in mind, Google results were always impressive.

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